Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Book Hit's The Shelves Today - Virtually

Today is the release day of 1 Zany Zoo.  I've had this date marked on my calendar for nearly a year - my work calendar, purse calendar, home calendar, both laptop calendars and google calendar.  You might say I was a little focused on this day.  So, why aren't I standing outside my local bookstore, waiting for it to open so I can finally see my book on the shelf?  

Because - my book will only be available online!  Apparently, bookstores are choosing to primarily carry authors with a "track record" in their stores.  This has been a huge disappointment to me - not only because I can't walk in to any bookstore and find my book on the shelf but, more importantly, potential readers can't!  

From the first time I saw the phenomenal cover Colin Jack drew, I knew it would be a magnet for children and their parents.  Then they'd open the book and start reading and looking at the equally fantastic illustrations on every page, and they wouldn't be able to resist it!  Well, that was the dream anyway.

So, I'm very excited my book is officially released - really!  I just need to adjust the dream :-)