Monday, April 4, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 4 - Catastrophe

Todays poem uses the word CATASTROPHE, suggested by my writer friend, Angie Karcher.  Angie is the mastermind behind Rhyming Picture Book Month - also known as RhyPiBoMo, which is held during the month of April.  Do you think it has anything to do with April being National Poetry Month?  Well, Angie is anything but a catastrophe - check out her website and see for yourself!!

Graphic taken from the Advanced Scribes website


This challenge has become a curse,
‘cause now I have to pen this verse.

But every time I start to write,
I find my thoughts have taken flight . . .

I draw a doodle; make a list;
or catch up on the shows I've missed.

I wash the dishes; walk the dogs;
or browse through discount catalogues.

I Google things and surf the net;
before I know it, I forget.

Just what was I supposed to do?
I can't recall – I have no clue.

Oh, now it’s coming back to me.
I have to rhyme catastrophe!

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