Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 11: Verjuice

Today's lovely word, Verjuice, was suggested by the even lovelier, Matt Forrest! This was Matt's word in Round 1 of March Madness - tough word! Read his awesome poem here. He used the "sour juice from unripe grapes" meaning and I used the "sour in temper, expression" meaning.  

I let this poem lead me where it wanted to go and it ended up a little sappy and I couldn't think of a funny, twist ending. If anyone wants to attempt a new ending, please share it in the comments! (The Grumpy Bear is for my son, Sean)! :-)

They call her Crabby Appleton
She’s grumpy and verjuiced.
She loves the clouds and spurns the sun,
She needs a little boost!

I gave her lots of toys and things
To brighten up her mood.
I even brought a bird that sings,
but that just made her brood.

Some chocolate cake will do the trick,
It works most every time.
She scoffed and said, “It makes me sick!”
As if it were a crime!

Then, finally I’d had enough
“Just stay in here and pout!”
She crossed her arms in quite a huff
and shouted, “Good - get out!!”

But, as I slowly closed the door
I heard a little cry.
“My friends don’t like me anymore.
I really don’t know why!”

I went back in and told the truth
“I know what’s wrong with you.
You’re grumpy, mean and so uncouth,
But here’s what you can do!”

I taught her how to love the sun
and how to smile, not frown.
And soon she learned to have some fun
instead of feeling down.

So, now she’s Happy Appleton.
She’s cheery day and night.
When people see her, they don’t run.
‘cause she’s a welcome sight!

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