Monday, March 11, 2013

For Renn, the Brave Jedi Warrior

This post is for a Jedi Warrior named Renn, who is the bravest 5 year old I know!!  Renn has been fighting battles against Epilepsy as his doctors try to find a way to treat his seizures!  This week, Renn will be in the hospital undergoing more tests, so author, Susanna Leonard Hill asked that we post fun things  to help cheer him up and pass the time!  

The bloggers participating have links on Susanna's site, so go there and check them out!  And, if you're a blogger and want to post something for Renn, add your link to her list.  If you don't have a blog, you can always leave a comment for Renn on Susanna's blog.  To learn more about Epilepsy, check out the blog The Brain of a Jedi and join the facebook group Purple Day.

Now for Renn: 
Brave you are!  Do it you can!
Love from Lori, your biggest fan!

While your doctors try to put together the pieces, you can work on your own puzzle!

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