Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Twenty-Five

Y is for You

I can't believe I made it through the first 24 days of A to Z Poetry Month without missing a day and then I go and blow it on the 25th day!!  So close and yet so far - but yesterday, life just got in the way!  Because we have Sundays off for good behavior, I'm going to post my poem today instead.  

Rena challenged us to "write a poem about yourself".  I have a busy day ahead - again - so I'm going to post an old poem.  The last time I was asked to write a poem about myself was for an English class in my Sophomore year of college - just a few years ago :-)  I wrote it on a cocktail napkin the night before it was due - some things never change (the cocktails and the procrastination)!  Here it is in all it's original glory:

I think I'm too short.
My friends say, "Yes"
My mom says, "No"

I think I'm too fat.
My friends say, "Yes"
My mom says, "No"

I think I talk too much.
My friends say, "Yes"
My mom says, "No"

I think I'll move back home.
My friends say, "YES!"
My mom says, "NOOOO!"

Here's how to sign YOU:

 Here's how to sign NO:

 Here's how to sign YES:

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