Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 17: Bosk

Today's word, Bosk, came from a fellow author, B.J. Lee. Did you know that a bosk is "a small wood or thicket, especially of bushes?" I sure didn't. The only bosk I've heard of is Bosc pears :-) Guess what? There is no word that rhymes with bosk (except mosque, but I found that out after I wrote the poem. So, I kind of cheated a bit with the pronunciation. Here it is:


If I were from England, I’d take her to “tosk”
for giving a hard-to-rhyme word, such as bosk!

If I were from England, I wouldn’t be “hoppy”
while wasting my time on a word that’s so “croppy”!

If I were from England, I’d be in a “ponic”
A bit like the passengers on the “Titonic”!

If I were from England, I’d need a long “nop”
‘Cause, I’d be asleep - it’s an eight hour “gop”!

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