Friday, April 6, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Six

F is for Fractured Fairy Tale

Today, on Rena Traxel's blog, On The Way To Somewhere, she chose the poetry form Free Verse for her 'F' word - not THAT 'F' word :-)  She used it to write a fractured fable.  I chose to accept her challenge to write a fractured fable (fairy tale) but I chose to do it in rhyme, not Free Verse.  It's actually something I've been working on - a collection of fractured tales.  This one is a twisted Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red

There once was a chick, whose granny was sick.
She wanted to help if she could.

She packed some goodies and picked through her hoodies.
Deciding that red would be good.

When just about there, Red had quite a scare.

She spied a wolf sneaking inside.

She tiptoed behind him and managed to bind him,
And dragged the wolf right back outside.

When bringing sweet treats to a granny who's sick,
Be sure that you carry a very big stick!

Here's how to sign RED:

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