Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day One

     I've overextended myself - again!  I've signed up for A to Z Poetry Month, Blogging from A to Z, and NaPoWriMo!  But - I've figured out how to do a mash-up so I can combine all three into one post.  Both A to Z challenges post 26 days, with Sundays off for good behavior.  That means, on Sundays, I'll just write a post for NaPoWriMo, which is 30 posts in 30 days.
     Also, I've decided to teach you a sign a day to match my alphabet word.  Look for the demonstration video below the poem.
     I forgot to mention Irene Latham's Progressive Poem!  She write the first line of the poem today and a different poet will add a line everyday until the end of April!  I'm slotted for April 19th so make sure you come back and visit my blog then!  You can follow the progression of the poem on Irene's blog. Live Your Poem.
     I'm excited to get started!  So, without further ado, here's my poem for April 1st - no fooling:

A is for Ability

I have a strange ability - I see things no one sees.
I guess, you'd say, that I can see the forest for the trees.

Like spotting famous faces in most people passing by.
My neighbor - who is Indian - looks just like Princess Di.

And take a look at president, Lyndon B. Johnson,
Add some hair - he's Golda Meir! (She grew up in Wisconsin).

I recognize the faces of my friends from decades past.
They think that I'm a stalker so they make their exits - fast!

At times, it comes in handy and at times, it's just a pain.
You should all be grateful you don't have my twisted brain!

Can you see it?

Here's how to sign ABILITY:

Here's a bonus sign - it was the ASL sign of the day on ASL Pro: AUTHOR:
You can find more signs on: