Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Ten

J is for Jingle                         
Just got home and I'm feeling the pressure of having to write a poem for day eleven of the A to Z Poetry Challenge!  Rena's challenge for today is to "write a jingle that promotes your blog, website or yourself."  Yikes!  I started writing a complicated ad then a quick, easy one popped into my head - thank goodness!!  Here it is, along with the original jingle from the 60s.


When habitual rhyming's got you in a tizzy, 
Just plop yourself down and write something fizzy!

Wrote this, post this,
Oh what a relief it is!
Wrote this, post this,
Oh what a relief this is!

Here's how to sign COMMERCIAL:

Here's how to sign RELIEF:

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