Saturday, April 27, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 27: Melodramatic

Today's word, Melodramatic, is from Erik - I wrote about him on Day 6, when he gave me the word Katzenjammer - great word!! So, without a lot of hoopla, here's my poem for today.

The writing is hard to read.  It says,
"Being a bit melodramatic aren't we Rex . . . it comes off next week."

I tend to be melodramatic.
Quite often, I overreact!
My feelings aren’t monochromatic
They’re more like a rainbow, in fact.

The littlest things will upset me.
A papercut feels like a wound.
When someone is late to come get me,
I always assume I’m marooned.

I often give standing ovations
for ads that I see on TV.
I kiss and hug all my relations
and anyone else that I see.

They think I have bats in my attic,
because of the way that I act.
But, I’m simply melodramatic!
And that is an absolute fact!

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