Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poetry Month, Day 16/17 - Neighbor - take 2

I began this post on the 16th but fell asleep before I could finish it.  So, this poem will represent day 16 and 17.  It's kind of cheating but, for the sake of my sanity, I'm doing it!  On the 15th, I used the word Neighbor, suggested by our old neighbor, Matt.  After re-reading it, I realized I wrote it from a parent's perspective, not a kid's.  So, I've written a second version, thinking back to my sons' time growing up on a street full of boys!  Hope you like this - Boys of Annapolis Drive!!

The Boys of Annapolis Drive

Building rafts to sail the creek.
Playing games of hide and seek. 

Sleeping in Aunt Kathy's van.
 Laying out to get a tan.

Action figures.  Magic cards.
Playing football in our yards.

Comic books and sweet Pound Puppies.
Lizards, hamsters, Fun Fair guppies.

Riding bikes and roller blades.
Candy tossing at parades.

Halloween and trick-or-treating.
 In the fort for secret meetings.

Camping-out inside our tents.
Going to some sports events.

Helping build the castle park.
Staying out 'til after dark.  

Building forts with piles of snow.
Putting on a wrestling show.

Ring and run and almost caught.
Always friends, although we fought. 

Having fun and getting muddy,
with my next door neighbor buddy.

Hanging out; just kicking back.
Traveling in one giant pack.

We never let our parents rest.
Neighbor friends are just the best!!

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