Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 23: Spunk

Today's word comes from the spunky, Penny Klostermann!  I'm just guessing she's spunky because I've never met her in person, or seen her on video, but I have a feeling she is, based on my written conversations with her and her great sense of humor!  So, here's my Spunk poem - I hope you don't think it stinks!

There’s nothing like skunk
to instill you with spunk

To run for the hills -
‘cause that skunky stink kills!

When out on the street
It is so far from sweet

But when it’s on dogs
it’s like living with hogs.

It’s just like the stench
of a World War 1 trench.

The skunky perfume
will pollute the whole room.

It sits on the chairs
and it climbs up the stairs

It clings to your clothes
and it sticks in your nose.

It wafts off your skin
which will make your head spin.

You'll feel a bit sick
‘cause the air is so thick.

So heed my advice.
I will not say it twice!

Avoid getting sprayed
or you may need first aid!

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