Thursday, April 10, 2014

Poetry Month, Day 10 - Gimlet-eyed

Today's word, Gimlet-eyed (which means a sharp, glancing look), was given to me by fellow writer, Karen Kirchel.  The poem is based on a true event from my wedding.  I'll explain after you read the poem.


My sister has all eyes upon her.
I'm proud to be her Maid of Honor 

They speak their vows and say "I do"
The Rabbi says, "I pronounce you . . ."

  The groom begins to lift her veil,
 then turns to me; his face is pale.

He shoots a look, all gimlet-eyed,
while I lean in to kiss the bride! 

My twin sister, Julie, was my maid of honor and, at the end of the ceremony, when the Rabbi said, "You may now kiss the bride", Julie put her arm around my shoulder and went to kiss me!!  We have it on video - so she can't deny it!  It was SO funny!!!  Talk about being in the moment!

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