Friday, April 20, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Eighteen

R is for Rhyme - about time!

Today's challenge is to write in rhyme - can you feel me smiling?  On her blog, Rena shared some tips from an article written by Kari-Lynn Winters.  That gave me the idea of sharing some rules of rhyme I always try to follow.  Here they are:

Rules of Rhyme for a Reason

Show - don't tell and don't tell - show.
That's one rule you oughta know!

Meter matters - count your beats,
The only thing worse than bad meter is stinky feets.

 Near rhymes make me go insane,
'M' and 'N' are not the same.

Make sure rhyming fits your story,
Not so great for gross or gory, 

Say things in their normal order,
Blame it, don't, on some disorder.

Be unique - you won't regret it,
If you do - they won't forget it!

Here's how to sign RULE:

Here's how to sign REASON:

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