Friday, April 5, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 5: Penultimate

Here's my poem using Joanna Marple's (don't you love her name?) word, Penultimate.  I used the definition: "next to last".  Be sure to read the story below the poem - it's a fun one and will explain the poem.

My sister, Mindy, was supposed to be,
the penultimate child, when Julie made three.

But, unknown to everyone, there was one more
Yes, I surprised all of them. I'm number four!

Here's the backstory: 
When my mother was pregnant with my twin sister, Julie and I, she didn't know we were twins.  They didn't have ultrasounds back in the day - we were lucky they had running water and electricity :-)  Anyway, my mother's water broke 6 weeks early and the doctor thought the cord might be wrapped around the baby's neck so they did an emergency c-section.  After Julie was born, the doctor started to stich up my mother, when he said, "Oh my gosh, there's another one in there!"  Enter #4!  So, Julie ended up being the penultimate child instead of Mindy.  Cool story, isn't it?

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