Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 20: Bewitch

Today's word, Bewitch, was given to me by my writer friend, Joanna Marples.  Immediately, I thought of the 1960s TV show, Bewitched.  So, I wrote this poem for all the other baby boomers old enough to remember watching the show - before it was in reruns!


On Thursdays at eight, every channel was switched
to ABC station, where we’d watch Bewitched!

And like Gladys Kravitz, we’d spy on the life
of Darrin Stephens and Samantha, his wife.

His boss, Larry Tate, was a white-haired buffoon.
Who’d always be drinking martinis at noon.

And then there’s Endora, a son-in-law’s curse.
He calls her a “witch” - but he could call her worse!

Aunt Clara “appears”, in a flustered condition.
“Call Dr. Bombay!”.  He’s the family physician.

And dear Uncle Arthur, portrayed by Paul Lynde,
plays practical jokes that he’d like to rescind.

And, then they had Tabatha, cute as could be.
Samantha and Darrin and baby made three.

Then, something strange happened in year number four,
Suddenly, Dick York was Darrin no more!

And, odder than that, it seemed nobody noticed.
As if they’d been drinking, like Mayberry’s Otis!

Though, watching it now, it can feel a bit dated,
For eight happy seasons, it kept us elated (or sedated)!

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