Monday, November 15, 2010

School Visit at Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School

My friend, Lori Hahm, asked me to come to her school, Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School at Illinois State University.  I went there on November 12th and read to the kindergarten, first and second grade classes, as well as the fifth grade class for deaf and hard of hearing students.  I had a fabulous time!!  They started the day off with an all school assembly - something they do on a regular basis.  Lori introduced me there and I got a very warm welcome.

When I went into the library, I found this banner the students made.

The librarians have a tradition of having the author hide, the children do a chant and then the author pops out - it was a riot!  We did that before each group reading.  Everyone at the school made me feel so special and welcome - I really appreciated that!  What a wonderful school!  Here are some pictures of the event.