Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 16: Juxtaposition

My sister, Mindy gave me the word Juxtaposition - thanks a lot! Seriously, Min - thanks a lot! I ended up really liking this poem - and it's about two sisters!


There we both stood in juxtaposition.
Each of us holding our own composition.

Because it was April, they’d asked us to write
a poem to read just for poetry night.

The judge would determine which poem he liked best,
and pin a blue ribbon on somebody’s chest.

Just two of us left, he had sent off the third.
We knew what to do, without saying a word.

My sister and I gave a wink to our mother,
then shuffled our pages between one another.

We chose not to tell who had written each verse.
‘Cause we stick together - for better or worse.

I wish you had seen the odd look on his face,
while pinning the prize on the girl in third place!

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