Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Twenty-Three

Today, at On the Way to SomewhereRena Traxel's wonderful guest blogger, Debbie LaCroix, shared her wisdom about the five W's.  Check it out!  

W is for 'W' Words

When I was a wily child,
the tricks I played were naughty.

When I was a willful teen,
my attitude was haughty.

When I was winsome bride,
I tried hard not to show it,

When I was a watchful mom
I prayed I wouldn't blow it!

When I was a wistful mom
I missed my children dearly.

Now that I'm a wiser soul, 
I see the world more clearly.

Here's how to sign WORD:

Here's how to sign WISE:

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