Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poetry Month, Day 12 - Curmudgeon

Today's word, Curmudgeon, was suggested by my co-worker, Sue Weidenfeld.  At least, she used to be my co-worker - she retired last year - lucky her!!  Well, Sue is anything but a curmudgeon - though I've worked with several people to whom that word would apply.


I know of a curmudgeon
whom I would like to bludgeon.

Well, maybe I exaggerate,
but how this person does berate.

He's mean to those around him
I'd really like to pound him.

Perhaps that is a bit too rough,
but really I have had enough!

He abuses and attacks.
 I'll just give him one quick smack.

No, as much as I abhor him
I think I'll just ignore him!


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