Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Poetry Month, Day 23 - Plotz

Today's word, Plotz, was given to me by an old grade school friend, Brad!  Apparently the word Phlox made him think of Plotz.  For those of you who don't know Yiddish, Plotz means to burst or explode or to be more aggravated than you can bear.  Here we go . . .

I went to Las Vegas; I played all the slots.
I lost all my money - my husband will plotz!*

And when I get home, he'll do nothing but kvetch!*
But I can distract him (the dirty old letch)!

My Bubbe* had warned me, "A fool and her money 
soon will be parted - and that isn't funny!"

She said, "You need Chutzpah* if you're gonna gamble.
'Know when to fold them' should be your preamble!"

My Zaide* joined in with his usual spiel*,
"Watch out for Roulette - it's a dangerous wheel!"

I'll promise them all, "In the future, I'll pass.
Have I learned my lesson?  You bet your tuches!"*


*Yiddish Translations:
Plotz - to burst or explode
Kvetch - complain, fret
Bubbe - Grandmother
Chutzpah - nerve, guts
Zaide - Grandfather 
Spiel - a long involved sales pitch
Tuches - rear end, butt 

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