Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 2: Lackadaisical

Another college friend, Heidi, gave me my word for today - Lackadaisical. Great word - I use it all the time!!  And, it wasn't until I saw it written, that I realized I've been pronouncing it the wrong way my whole life (well, probably not the first 5-10 years)!  I've always said "laxadaisical", which actually makes sense since the word "lax" is similar in meaning.  You learn something new every day!!  Now, ready or not - here's poem #2!

At times I’m lackadaisical.
I just don’t want to playsical.
I’m sort of in a hazeical.
So, I just stay at home.

but . . .

When not so lackadaisical!
I act a little crazical!
And I can be amazical!
It's then I like to roam!

And, for Jane and Erik, who suggested "orange" and "silver" respectively, I've written this quickie.

Orange and Silver
Orange and silver are hard words to rhyme.
I never will do it - there’s not enough time!
But, silver’s an element; orange, a fruit.
Take that!! Jane and Erik!! For being so cute!!

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