Monday, March 18, 2013

The "In Just Spring" Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill has challenged her blog followers to write a children's story, in 350 words or less, about something that really says "spring" to us. Then, we post it on our blog, link it on her site and her readers will vote on their favorite.  The winner will have one of their picture book manuscripts read by Laura Galvin of KidsBooks! 

Spring used to be an exciting time for me - I hate the cold!  But, since having dogs, I find myself wishing the cold weather would last a little bit longer, so we wouldn't have the mud to contend with.  So, that's what really says "spring" to me - MUD!  

When you're finished reading my story, head over to Susanna's blog and read the others - there are some really great stories!!

Tell-Tail Signs of Spring

Winter brings both cold and snow.
Still, I’m sad to see it go.
Once the frozen ground warms up,
life gets messy, with a pup.
He’ll come bounding through the door.
Muddy paws across the floor.

Black dots splattered on the walls.

Murky puddles down the halls.

Up the stairs and down again.
Paw prints leading to the den.

On the couch, then quickly off.
Stops for munchies at his trough.

On the bed that’s not yet made.
Gives a shake.  The sheets get sprayed.

Dog-shaped mud begins to dry,
Like a scene from CSI!

Try to wipe him - no such luck.
He starts wagging.  Better duck!

Just like clockwork, every year,
Tell-tail signs that spring is here!

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