Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poetry Month - April 25: Button

Today's word, Button, was suggested by my friend and poet, Linda Wallin. I hope she'll write her own poem to post here! In case you didn't realize it, Linda - that's a dare!!


Marvin was a glutton
who always dined on mutton.

which made his girth increase
and his breathing room decrease.

He ate another chop,
Then he heard a mighty POP!

Now, Marvin is a glutton
who no longer has a button!

Well, Linda took me up on my dare and wrote a poem using her word, Button. I LOVE it - here it is:

Poor Buttons was a good dog, I suppose. 
We teased him, as children, God knows.
I bent down to pet him
Just as my aunt fed him. 
I now have a scar on my nose.

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