Monday, April 30, 2012

Poetry Month Mash-Up: Day Twenty-Six

We've reached the end of Poetry Month and I have mixed feelings about it.  I'll be happy to be free of the pressure of writing a poem every day and putting my post together.  Some days I'm so busy, it feels a bit oppressive, but when I finish, it always feels great!  On the other hand, I'll miss the online communication with the other participants of A to Z Poetry, as well as other bloggers I've gotten to know this month!

One thing's for sure - I'll be writing and posting poetry on a more regular basis now.  Although I'm a rhymer (a habitual one at that), I've never really considered myself a poet - I've always thought of myself as a picture book writer.  But, after a month of writing daily poems in a wide variety of styles on a wide variety of topics, I think I've earned the moniker - Poet!

Thanks to Rena Traxel for hosting this wonderful challenge and to my fellow "poets" for the encouragement and kind remarks - you really kept me going!

Now, onto my Zig Zag poem.

Z is for Zig Zag

For twenty-six days
days I have written
written twenty-six poems
poems about ability and books
books about cento poems
poems about doctors and epigrams
epigrams like fractured fairy tales
tales filled with glee and haiku heroes
heroes and other inspirations
inspirations as simple as jingles
jingles for kids who like limericks
limericks written by Mother Goose about nature
nature filled with onomatopoeia
onomatopoeia plopped in prose
prose, you question, or rhyme?
rhyme used in sonnets
sonnets you tweet
tweet something universal about vampires
vampires who suck words
words you should ixnay
ixnay what you write
write in zig zag
zig zag to the end

Here's how you sign ZIG ZAG:

Here's how to sign THE END:  

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