Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something to Crow About!

I can't believe I wrote all about my new editor, Marissa Moss, and my new agent, Karen Grencik, and I forgot to talk about my new book, COCK-A-DOODLE OOPS!

About two years ago, I came up with the idea for a "boy who cried wolf" story, but with a rooster instead of a boy.  That story morphed into one about a rooster who goes on vacation, leaving the other farm animals to wake the farmer.  The problem is . . .

                   Farmer McPeeper's a very deep sleeper,
                   Not even an earthquake could shake him.
                   A poke or a pinch wouldn't budge him an inch,
                   'Cause only his rooster could wake him!

Throughout the week, different animals try to wake the farmer, but with no success  . . .

                      "I know that I'm quiet, but I'd like to try it -      
                      here goes," said a shy little sheep.
                      Her "cock-a-doodle baaa" didn't travel too faaa
                      In fact, she made barely a peep.

Finally, Rooster comes back and the animals are certain he will wake the farmer at last.  However . . .

                      Rooster coughed and sputtered; he wheezed and muttered
                      "There's something I think you should know.
                      The damp ocean breeze made me sniffle and sneeze.
                      My voice is so weak, I can't crow!"

Though disappointed, the animals put their heads together and devise a clever way to wake up the farmer.  There's a surprise twist at the end so I'm going to leave you hanging here - sorry!

Back to my book deal . . .  

COCK-A-DOODLE OOPS! will be illustrated by the amazingly talented, Ashley Wolff!  It will be published by Creston Books  in fall, 2014. It seems like an eternity away but I know, from my experience with 1 Zany Zoo, how quickly those two years will go!

I'll keep you posted on the book's development and will definitely let you know when it's released!!

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