Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poetry Month - better late than never!

It's poetry month and I'm two weeks behind.
I know that I blew it - I hope you don't mind.
Beginning right now, I'll post one poem each day,
I promise my 'real life' won't get in the way.
So send me your poems that are written in rhyme,
And I'll do my best to make up for lost time!


  1. I'll send one your way when I get a chance today! :)

  2. Here's one!

    Mom calls to me,
    “It’s time for bath!”
    I get undressed,
    Then run and laugh.
    Mom catches me,
    Puts me in tub.
    I blow bubbles,
    As she scrubs.
    I’m all clean,
    So out I go.
    Mom wraps me up,
    And hugs me so!