Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Writer's Wednesday: Successful Blogging

I just found a great site for those of us trying to get the most out of blogging. It's called I've only looked at a few posts but I know it's going to be very helpful. Here's what it says on their "about" page:

What are the missing ingredients that prevents most people from succeeding online?

Copywriting and content marketing skills.

Content drives the Internet, and using the right words in the right way will determine not only how well your site converts visitors into sales, but also how well you rank in search engines and how many links you get.

Now that blogging has become the smartest strategy for growing an authoritative web site, it’s your copywriting and content marketing skills that will set you apart and help you succeed. Copyblogger is all about helping you:

  • get traffic
  • gain subscribers
  • attract links
  • sell something!

All you need to do is write in a strategic, persuasive, compelling manner.

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