Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things I Like

Fellow blogger & writer, Kelly Polark, put a list of things she likes and suggested her followers do the same. Anyone who knows me knows how malleable I am so - here's my list (one thing for each year) - in no particular order! Like Kelly, it goes without saying that family and friends are at the top of the list.

1. Good puns
2. Sitting on the patio, listening to the pond & smelling burning leaves
3. Writing in rhyme
4. It's A Wonderful Life
5. Irish and English Accents
7. Gardening
8. Kung Pao tofu & spinach at Big Bowl
9. Fortune cookies
10. Playing games
11. Winning Games
12. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (with white chocolate since I quit brown chocolate)
13. My mother's Neapolitan Casserole
14. Sentimental songs
15. Whistling
16. Singing (I'm sure I like it more than those listening to me)
17. The Dick Van Dyke Show
18. Ron Howard as a kid
19. Drinking beer by a campfire - then going to sleep in a BED
20. Olive oil & Parmesan cheese with good, crusty bread
21. Having a great memory for faces and names
22. A hot shower on a cold day - until I have to get out
23. The first Day in Spring that I don't need a coat
24. Movies that make me laugh and/or cry
25. Thanksgiving day
26. Cooking for company
27. Jigsaw puzzles
28. Traveling
29. New York City
30. My DVR
31. Crocheting
32. My students
33. Cheesecake
34. Not having to get up in the morning
35. Birds, especially Hawks
36. Bejeweled - unfortunately
37. Lox & bagel
38. Jitterbugging
39. My hair when it's wet
40. Word and number puzzles
41. Going to plays
42. Photographs
43. Popcorn with real butter
44. Spicy food
45. My I-phone
46. My laptop
47. My friend Jean's toffee
48. Playing jacks
49. Floating on a noodle in Table Rock Lake, drinking beer and singing with my friends
50. Sean Connery and Gregory Peck's voices
51. Laughing until I cry
52. Making people laugh until they cry


  1. Fun post! I thought I was the only one who liked their hair when it's wet. Why does it always look better that way? :-)

  2. I don't know about you but I have very thick, wavy hair that has a mind of it's own. When it's wet, it behaves! Are you going to make a list?

  3. (Yep, my hair is the same way.)

    I've sort of begun one on my site. My About Andrea page covers a lot. I also have a list, BIts and Bobs, that adds more random things about me.

  4. Great list!! Why oh why did you quit brown chocolate?!
    I forgot to put DVR on my list! Isn't that the best gadget?!
    Also, Sean Connery does have a great voice!!!

  5. I am addicted to chocolate so I can't eat it or I eat too much so seven years ago I gave it up. I'm an all or nothing kind of person so it's easier for me to not eat it at all than to just eat a little. White chocolate is really made from cocoa butter, not cocoa beans, so doesn't effect me the same way.

  6. that IS fun! and interesting, I just got a great email from someone who read a magazine article I wrote and said they "laughed till I cried" so that's a pretty awesome feeling I agree!

  7. I can't wait until I hear from someone I'm not related to or friends with to that they liked my book! What ws the article about?