Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Book Releases by Two Friends

Two of my friends - one from grad school and the other from SCBWI - have had books released in the last month.

Amber Buetel's book, SPELLING WORD PRACTICE by Enasco is geared toward children in grades 1-3.  It features spelling activities that can be used in spelling centers,  weekly spelling packets,  at home.  The book is divided into four categories: word shape, word characteristics, word practice, and word use and includes activities for individuals, partners or groups.

I ordered the book online and it came in a couple of days.  I'm giving it to my son, Sean, who is student teaching first grade right now, but it has some really great activities that I'm going to use with my students before I hand it over to him.  I'll probably order another copy to keep for myself.  I think this would be an excellent gift for a beginning teacher!  Congratulations Amber!!

The other book, WRITING AND PUBLISHING: THE ULTIMATE TEEN GUIDE by Scarecrow Press, was written by Tina Schwartz.
In her book,  Tina offers tips on writing fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry and songwriting.  She also provides information on the importance of critique groups (I'll attest to that), and attending classes and workshops.  She even explores various writing carreers and the basics of publishing and marketing.  What a great resource for young writers.  Congratulations Tina!!
So if you're looking for fun and motivating ways to get your children or students to practice their spelling or if you know a teen who wants to break into the publishing field, these are the books for you!


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