Sunday, March 21, 2010

My First (last?) Major Newspaper Interview!

My first (last?) interview for a major newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times, came out today.  It's exciting, but a bit embarrassing - especially the gigantic picture of me!  I was a little uncomfortable with the online picture - about 2" x 2" - then I saw the picture in the actual paper -  about 6" x 6" - it's hard to hide the imperfections in a picture that big!!  Oh well, I am what I am :-)

I think Delia O'Hara did a great job and I appreciate her leaving out some of the idiotic, nerve-driven, things I babbled on about during our phone interview!,SHO-Books-chilit21.article


  1. Wow! What great press for you and your book! Awesome interview!!! Congrats, Lori!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I think Delia did a great job - I babbled on for 45 minutes and she managed to make me sound normal :-)

  3. That's a great interview and I thought the picture was great too!

    I just cannot believe you sent it in to someone at SCBWI and they didn't like it - holy smokes.

    I love your story and I cannot wait to buy it. So far our grocery store doesn't have the Cheerios boxes with it in it yet. :( I'm going to keep checking.

  4. Thanks so much, Blee! It wasn't an SCBWI person - it was an editor doing critiques for our annual SCBWI conference. The reporter misunderstood - who can blame her! I was so discouraged when I got the critique and then, a week later I got the call. This is a crazy business!!

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Lori!
    That is a fabulous article about you and your book. Of course, it won't be your last newspaper write-up! You are headed for big things. So, your book is in stores now? I need to get to the grocery store!

  6. Thanks Suzanne! I'm enjoying it while it lasts - once the boxes are off the shelves, things will go back to normal!

    See you tonight!!

  7. Suzanne - I'm sorry about the "see you tonight" comment - I thought you were one of my critique buddies but she told me tonight it wasn't her. You must have wondered what I was talking about :-)

  8. Congrats Lori!! The pic was great and I like how you said you just wanted to sit and smile...too cute.
    I don't even like Cheerios but I'm gonna keep my eye out for your awesome book in the box. Is there a certain time when they'll be coming out??

  9. Thanks Angela! I checked your blog to find your real name - luckily someone used it in a comment so I didn't have to call you Slut!

    The Cheerios started coming out a couple of weeks ago and they'll continue to be sold through April, but there doesn't seem to be a pattern to where they're at - it's kind of hit and miss.

    I love how you did your "about me" - very clever!! I wish I had thought of doing that! A month from now, it'll pop into my head and I'll think I DID think of it :-)