Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's The Difference? by Suzanne Slade

My friend, Suzanne Slade's latest book, What's The Difference?, is now available for sale!  Suzanne has written more than 60 books!!  I can't even imagine that!   

What's The Difference? (the sequel to What's New at the Zoo?) uses clever rhyming verse to show the difference caring people can make in helping endangered animals - all while practicing subtraction skills. 

You can check it out here


Links are provided for informational use.  Please don't forget your local independent bookstores!


  1. Suzanne has written over 60 books? WOW! Congrats to her on that success and her newest one!

  2. I know - isn't that unbelievable?! I haven't read this one yet but What's New at the Zoo was really great!

  3. It's also very exciting that I found Lori's new book in my Cheerio's box this morning. How cool is that?

    PS As a special thanks to Lori and her blog readers, I'm offering a free school author visit via Skype if you send me an email and tell me you read Lori's blog! You can contact me through my website

  4. Ooops, here it is