Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Made a 1 ZANY ZOO Book Trailer!!

Our regional SCBWI chapter hosts wonderful workshops on different aspects of children's publishing, called "Food For Thought".  Yesterday's workshop, Book Trailers and Online Promotion included a panel of SCBWI-IL authors and illustrators who shared their experiences creating book trailers and other on-line promotional tools for the picture book, middle grade, and YA markets.

The panel included:

Host, Librarian, blogger, Amy Alessio.

Middle grade writer, Brenda Ferber, who shared her trailers for Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire.

YA writer, Laura Ruby, who shared her trailer for Play Me.

Picture book illustrator, Larry Day, who shared his animated trailer for Nanook and Pryce.

I was so inspired by the presentation, I went straight home and created a trailer for 1 Zany Zoo.  Thanks to the amazing illustrations by Colin Jack and the jacket copy by Chloe Foglia, I think it turned out pretty well.   I'd love to know what you think!!


  1. Thanks, Rachel - it was super easy!

  2. Very nice, Lori! By the way, the Cheerio boxes in Atlanta, GA now have "1 Zany Zoo" in them! I got mine yesterday. Love it!

  3. Love the video ... makes me want to read the book. Wait. I already have!

  4. Thanks Sheri and Allan! Sheri, a friend of mine from Canton, GA sent me a picture of her holding a box!

  5. Lori, Congratulations and 3 "Cheer"ios for your achievement. The trailer was most engaging and helpful. It inspired me, as did the program on Saturday. Do you work on a Mac? I love the transition of the pages turning! Thank you! Sheila Glazov

  6. Thanks, Sheila! Yes, I have a Mac and used iMovie - it was so easy! You should give it a try! I like the page turn transition too!

  7. I just came for the first time to your site, thanks to Susanne S who posted it on SCBWI Illinois message board. Great job, great interviews. You're a natural! Take care. Ozge

  8. Hi Ozge! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I missed last month's meeting - were you there? I'm going next month - hope to see you there!