Saturday, May 1, 2010

39th Annual SCBWI Conference in LA!

I'm so excited - I signed up for this year's SCBWI conference in LA!  It's going to be "4 days of agents, editors, publishers, workshops and networking designed to take your writing and illustration to the next level." (

It's expensive so I wasn't going to give myself permission to go until I sold another manuscript - don't get excited - it didn't happen :-(  But, my husband, John, got free airline tickets and a hotel voucher from work and he's been wanting to visit his brother in San Francisco so, CA - here we come!  While I'm at the conference, he'll be visiting  his brother - it worked out perfectly!  We'll  tack on a couple of days after the conference to see LA.

Another great thing about it is, I'm going to meet my agent, Jamie Weiss Chilton, in person for the first time!   I'm really looking forward to that!

Are any of you going?  I hope so - it would be great to meet online friends in person!


  1. Lucky girl!
    I hope to go one day!

  2. I know, I lucked out! That's what I said last year and now I'm going so maybe next year will be your year!!

  3. Wahoo! That is so awesome Lori, that you get to go. One day I'll get there.

    I'm sure you will have tons of fun and it will be great to meet your agent.

  4. Thanks, Blee - I wish you were going too!