Friday, June 25, 2010

1 Zany Zoo Launch Party on July 24 - HELP!!

My launch party is going to be at Barnes & Noble at Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills, on July 24th from 2:00 - 3:00, and I need help!

I'm trying to think of a fun craft to do with Cheerios. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?

Also, I'm having book signing anxiety! It doesn't help that my handwriting is worse than a third grader's (new game show?). Because the zookeeper's key plays an key role (can't help myself) in the story, I want to write something like "Reading unlocks doors to your future" or "unlock your imagination - read". What do you think?

If you're in the area on July 24th - I'd love to have you stop by for a bit :-)


  1. I belong to the group the Elevensies and read there a great tip for book launch parties. One author came prepared at question period when the chirping of crickets was all you could hear - she asked everyone to look under their chairs to find a question taped underneath. After a few questions were asked, it started the ball rolling and people started coming up with their own questions. I thought this was brilliant.
    Good luck with the Cheerios. And I like the unlock your imagination one.

  2. Thanks for the great tip! It would be horrible to have a bunch of blank facing staring at me :-) Now to think up some interesting questions . . .

  3. WOW! Sounds fantastically frightening! I would have a tendency to go with something a bit shorter like - "The key is read". As far as the craft, you could make cereal shoes/sandals out of the Cheerio boxes (feet traced onto the box, ribbon used for the strap) or heck, you could play zoo bingo with the Cheerios!

  4. Hi Lori,
    I think there is a Cheerios counting book. Maybe ask Cheerios company for idea.
    How about signing it, To: ___
    From One Zany Author, Lori Degman

  5. Leslie, great ideas - thanks!

    Hey, Sarvinder! I may ask Joyce for suggestions - she's so creative. I live the signature idea :-)