Saturday, January 15, 2011

Save Everything! (and the Picture Book.)

I want to tell you about a great new blog - Save Everything! (and the Picture Book), Started by Bridget Heos, author of the upcoming book What to Expect When You're Expecting Larvae: a Guide for Insect Parents (and Curious Children), illustrated by Stephane Jorisch (Lerner/Millbrook, Spring 2011). 

The goal of this year-long promotion is to introduce children to new picture books.  Here's how it works:  Each month, Bridget will highlight 10 new picture books centered on a theme.  Kids who send in a review (in the form of a paragraph, drawing, video, etc.) for one of the books, will be entered to win book-related prizes. Teachers can also win prizes for their classrooms by submitting multiple student book reviews.

Here's what teachers need to do:

   1. Read picture books to your students.
   2. Have them write reviews.
   3. Send the reviews in to be entered to win picture books and other bookish prizes for your 

Each month, there will be a new theme, new list, and new prizes, so be sure to follow along on the blog.

To my author friends, here's a list of monthly topics.  If your book fits one of the topics, let Bridget know and your book may be included in that months book reviews.
January: Save the World (and the Picture Book)
Books with environmental or world themes

February: Save the Sweets (and the Sweet Picture Books)
Books about sweets things like cupcakes and sweet-ish things like fuzzy animals

March: Save the Bookworms (and the Picture Books They Eat)
Books about books…and insects

April: Save the Laughing Children (and the Picture Book)
Funny books

May: Save the Pink Princesses (and the Tomboys)
Books about princesses and other girl power themes

June: Save America’s Favorite Pastime (and America’s Favorite Picture Books)
Baseball books

July: Save the Polar Bears (and the Teddy Bears)
Books featuring bears

August: Save the Summer Vacation (and the Picture Books)
Books about summer and books about school

September: Save the Koalas (and the Marsupial Picture Books)
Books about marsupials

October: Save the Monsters (and the Picture Books)
Books about monsters—scary, funny, or cute

November: Save the Heroes (Real and Pretend)
Books about military, police, firefighters, superheroes, and other heroes

December: Save the Snow Angels (and the Picture Books) Books featuring snow or angels (This includes holiday books if they have snow.) 

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