Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem - Day 19

Today is day nineteen of the 2012 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem and it's my turn to add a line. Thanks to Irene Latham at Live Your Poem for creating and organizing this project!

Let me start by apologizing to all the poets who came before me and those yet to follow!  I was really hoping we'd be building a humorous, rhyming poem - I'm way out of my league here!  Who knew writing one line could be so difficult?!   I'll do my best :-)

If you are reading this
you must be hungry

Kick off your silver slippers

Come sit with us a spell

A hanky, here, now dry your tears
And fill your glass with wine
Now, pour. The parchment has secrets
Smells of a Moroccan market spill out.

You have come to the right place, just breathe in.
Honey, mint, cinnamon, sorrow. Now, breathe out
last week's dreams. Take a wish from the jar.
Inside, deep inside, is the answer...

Unfold it, and let us riddle it together,

...Strains of a waltz. How do frozen fingers play?
How do fennel, ginger, saffron blend in the tangine?
Like broken strangers bound by time, they sisterdance...
their veils of sorrow encircle, embrace

Feed your heart with waltzes and spices.
Feed your soul with wine and dreams.

The last line is mine - now I pass the torch on to Heidi Mordhorst at "my juicy little universe" - can't wait to see what she adds!

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