Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Shorts & Sweets with Susanna Hill

My writer friend, Susanna Hill, started a new series called Summer Shorts & Sweets.  Every week, she's posting a new challenge to write something - you guessed it - short & sweet.

This week's challenge is to choose four numbers from 1 - 10 and then select the corresponding Character, Setting, Time & Situation. 

It was a lot of fun - go to her site to do it for yourselves!I'd love for you to share your stories here!!

Here are the selections I had to work with.  It's supposed to be 50 - 100 words but I used 145.

1 - A pirate who likes to sing
9 - The moon
5 - Sitting down to breakfast
7 - Someone’s pride has been injured

There once was a pirate who sailed on the sea,
And secretly wished he could join the show Glee.
He longed to meet Rachel, Mercedes and Quinn,
To sing with Santana and Artie and Finn.
He said, to himself, with a hearty Yo-ho,
“By hook or by crook I will get on that show!”
He sat down to breakfast and charted his route,
Then sailed to LA - with nary a doubt.
He practiced his songs by the light of the moon,
And saw, by the stars, he’d reach Hollywood soon.
He followed his map on his Glee expedition
Then burst through the gates to perform his audition.
He sang about jewels and parrots and gold,
But he was rejected, “You’re simply too old!”
Although he was hurt that they told him to “stuff it”,
He sailed off in search of the great Jimmy Buffet!

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