Monday, September 10, 2012

Friends, Foxes & Fate . . .

I am a firm believer in fate!  I do believe there are simple coincidences but I think, sometimes, people are destined to cross paths and impact each other's lives.   Here's the story of three people, whom I believe, were destined to meet and the series of events that helped make it happen.

This past May, I co-hosted a writer's conference and our speakers were the founders of SCBWI, Lin Oliver and Steve Mooser!  At dinner, the night before the conference, Lin gave me the name of a literary agency she thought would be a good fit for me and I typed it into my phone.  Two weeks later, I looked at my notes, but I couldn't make sense of them (tip - never type notes into your phone without wearing your reading glasses).  That same night, I read a blog interview with a writer-friend of mine, Brenda Sturgis, and her agent, Karen Grencik.  I was very impressed with Karen, so I went on the agency's website to read more about her.  The agency name, Red Fox Literary, seemed familiar, then it hit me - it was the same agency Lin had suggested!  I had just recently parted with my previous agent and I was not ready to contact them, so I put it on the back burner.

One month later, I attended a writer's retreat, Words in the Woods, where I met Marissa Moss, founder and editor-in-cheif of Creston Books.  (I wrote a post about the retreat, and an incident with Marissa, on June, 25th.)  A few weeks later, I submitted one of my manuscripts to Creston Books and Marissa offered to publish it!

Fast forward to the beginning of August, when I attended the SCBWI annual conference in LA.  While there, I decided it was time to look for an agent again.  On the last day of the conference, I got on the hotel elevator and there was Karen Grencik!  I introduced myself and Karen told me to contact her after the conference.

Two days later, I emailed Karen and told her about the manuscript I had sold to Marissa and sent her my other manuscripts to read.  After a long phone conversation, Karen offered to represent me and I happily accepted!  Shortly after that, Karen told me how she and her business partner, Abigail Samoun, began their conversation, about forming their own agency, at a party.  And, who was the host of that party?  

Wait for it . . .   Wait for it . . . 

Marissa Moss!!

And, if all that weren't enough to convince you we were fated to work together, take a look at my business card.  I ordered them long before I met Karen - I chose this design partly because of the fox in my book, 1 Zany Zoo.  

     Coincidence?  You tell me!!

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