Friday, April 26, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 26: Fool

I ran out of words so I had to come up with one of my own.  I had just written a post for my group blog, Word Disco, and the theme was April Fools. So, I wrote about the fool card in the Tarot deck and related it to aspiring authors.  So, when I had to think of a word to use, I thought of Fool.  After reading today's poem, check out Word Disco - I think you'll like it!

They call me a fool
that makes me so happy.
To me, fools are cool
they’re feisty and scrappy!

They follow their dreams
with the faith of a child.
They’re just as they seem
and they’re often beguiled.

On journey’s unknown
they will risk harm and pain.
In storms, they’re not thrown
they just dance in the rain!

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