Monday, April 29, 2013

Poetry Month - Day 29: Aleatory

Penny Klostermann strikes again! This time, she threw the word Aleatory at me! Never heard it before and had no idea what to do with it so I used a tricky way to get around it. I think it's a poet's prerogative!


If I’ve never heard the word, Aleatory,
then how could I use it to tell a good story?

I looked up its meaning so I’d understand
It means “by coincidence; something unplanned”.

To me, it sounds more like an awful disease.
Like something that brings on a cough or a sneeze.

Or maybe a legal word, used by a lawyer.
Or something received by your former employer.

It could be a building where scientists work.
Or something describing a guy who’s a jerk.

It might be the space running in between homes.
Or maybe the hats worn by cute garden gnomes.

Or how ‘bout a building where people go bowling.
Or paths in the park, where a family goes strolling.

It may be the smell seeping out from the trash.
Perhaps its a word that describes someone’s rash.

But, aleatory means “by happenstance”.
I think Penny thought of it purely by chance!

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