Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poetry Month, Day 22 - Earth Day!

Last week, I presented at George Lieb School's Literacy Night.  


Because the event was in April, I asked if we could do a tie-in with Authors for Earth Day - and they enthusiastically agreed!  As part of the A4ED program, I chose five non-profit conservation organizations and the students at Lieb School researched each and voted for their favorite.  The winning group will receive the stipend I received for presenting at the school. 

The organizations I chose are: 
~ American Cetacean Society 
~ Bat Conservation International 
~ The Humane Society of the US    
~ Rainforest Action Network 
~ Wildlife Conservation Society

The organization that received the most votes was The Wildlife Conservation Society (personally, I was pulling for the bats).

Earth Day
 Today we focus on the earth.
Its conservation brings me mirth.

There's so much that we can do;
here are just a few for you:

Drink your water from a glass.
Plastic bottle?  Take a pass!

Build a compost in your yard. 
Start a garden - grow swiss chard.

Take a walk or ride a bike.
Don't throw out - reuse, recike.

Drive a hybrid - use less fuel.
Bring cloth bags to shop at Jewel*

Power up with wind or sun.

Please don't let your water run.

These few things are just a start.
Let's help the earth and do our part.

* Chicago area grocery store

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