Saturday, March 5, 2016

50 Precious Words Contest

My friend, Vivian Kirkfield created a writing challenge that brought this blog out of a deep, deep, deep freeze!!  I can't believe it's been almost two years since I've posted here!  My goal is to start posting more frequently, leading up to my April's Poetry Month posts!  For some reason that now escapes me, I didn't post my daily poems here last year - just on Facebook.  Well, this year I'm back to posting them here - so please check back often!!

Now, back to Vivian's 50 Precious Words Contest!  Basically, she's challenging people to write a kid-friendly story in 50 words or less!  You can read all about the reason (Dr. Seuss) and rules for the contest, as well as other entries at this link.  

So, here's my 50-word story (of course it's in rhyme!):


My friend put forth a challenge that I thought was pretty nifty.
To write a story, using words, and limit it to 50.
But, now I’ve had a change of heart.  This contest is absurd!
There’s just no way to wrap things up with only two more words.
I quit!

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