Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 10 - Birthday

I doubt anyone noticed but I didn't post a poem yesterday.  I thought BIRTHDAY was going to be an easy word but it gave me more trouble than I expected! I just wasn't feeling it yesterday and the several attempts I made were just not working.  So, I gave myself permission to skip yesterday and I wrote the poem today. It's still not the best (sorry Nancy), but it's better than anything I wrote yesterday.  So, I'm posting it and moving on!  

It’s funny how a birthday can be different at each age
They hit you in the worst way or bring joy – it’s hard to gauge.

Up until about age ten, you get no satisfaction.
You always look around the bend and and state your age in fractions.

The teenage years bring privileges and freedom from your parents.
You count the days with images of no more overbearance.

Your birthdays in your 20’s seem to all involve a party -
with food and drinks aplenty – in your 20’s you’re still hardy!

Your 30’s through your 50’s you just celebrate the tens.
Another decade’s nifty and you hang out with your friends.

In your 60’s and your 70’s your life starts changing gears
Your birthdays are redundancies – it’s just another year.

Then, after that, when birthdays near, they give you more elation.
You’ve made it through another year – it’s cause for celebration!

No matter what your age is, there is one thing that is true.
When you turn another page, you like a day that’s just for you!

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