Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poetry Month, Day 12 - Cogitate

Today's word, COGITATE, was given to me by my Facebook friend, Kathy.  After much cogitation, I decided to write about Beverly Cleary for her 100th birthday! 

My favorite of her books is Fifteen, which I read multiple times - and for a slow, reluctant reader, that's saying a lot!  I still have my original copy, which I came to realize I "permanently borrowed" from the library.  Here it is - along with the remnants of the little check-out card envelope! OOPS!


Birthday Cogitation

Today I had to cogitate
to write a poem that’s worth the wait.

It had to have a special theme;
a topic worthy of a meme.

It came to me, so very clearly
an author whom we all love dearly!

That’s right – Ms. Cleary  the one and only,
 who kept this kid from being lonely!

Today she’s reached 100 years!
So we should give 100 cheers!


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