Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy First Birthday To My Blog!

In honor of my blog's first birthday (and Poetry Month), I'm giving away a free critique!!  Because prose is not my thing, I'm only accepting rhyming manuscripts.  Writers of prose will thank me for this.  Here's a little poem I wrote about it:

My blog's been up for one whole year,
The time for celebration's here!

If it's a free critique you seek,
congratulations - it's your week!

So, now I bet you're asking "How?"
Just read the rules - yes, read them now!

You'll receive one entry for doing each of the following:
  • Post a comment saying you want to enter 
  • Write a little poem and include it in your comment
  • Post a link to this post on your blog
Entries will be accepted until midnight (CST), April 9th.  The winner will be chosen, at random, on April 10th and I'll post the winner here.

Good Luck!!


    1. Hi Lori,

      Happy Blog Birthday! :)

      I'd love to enter your contest!

      Fingers crossed...


    2. Hey Lori, one year old? That's cool!
      And rhyming picture books? They rule!
      So add my name into the bin,
      and maybe, maybe, I might win!

    3. Happy birthday. I found you on VK and am glad. Your book looks like the bomb! Super cute.

      As much as I would love to enter, I don't have a rhymer to share : (

    4. Thanks so much for leaving comments!

      Sheri - want to leave a little poem for an extra entry?

      Aniprof - cute poem - you've got two entries

      If you decide to put a link on your blog, let me know and I'll put in another entry for you.

      Catwoods - thanks for leaving a comment even though you don't have a rhymer!


    5. Sure! Here it is:

      Did you know
      a Cheerio
      has more than just great looks?

      It has great TASTE
      so shares its space
      with Lori Degman's books!

      (Please excuse the near-rhyme!) :)


    6. Cute poem, Sheri! I'll put in another entry for you.

    7. Yes, I want to enter
      I have a draft under my bed
      It rhymes, it sings, it has a plot
      But to agent-land, I daren't tread

    8. I linked to this from my blog....

    9. I blogged about your contest,
      go read it, please, right now.

      I want as many entries,
      as the judges will allow,

      I really need a bunch of help--
      my rhyming is so lame,
      But even if I do not win
      I've sure enjoyed the game.

    10. Here I am, trying to get a free critique --
      More than a little, literary peek
      And plus some cool aid --
      Oh yes, through my brand new blog, I told everyone
      About the post of the often rhyming maid...
      (I hope you don't get offended by that one.)

    11. Empty Refrigerator & Sally - love the poems - I put in two entries for you!

      Diane - I've been called much worse :-) Thanks for entering!

    12. Would love to enter!

      My little poem:


      I've posted your blog on my livejournal.


    13. Drum roll please.....

      IT's JUST....

      Get to bed, already?
      Are you certain of the time?
      If we wait until it’s dark in China
      That would be fine

      Yes, rest is necessary
      I know that for a fact
      Please excuse me just one moment
      I promise I’ll be right back

      It’s not that I won’t sleep,
      It’s just that well, wait!
      There’s a three ring circus performance
      It starts promptly at eight!

      No, that wasn’t a yawn you saw
      But instead a long sigh
      To sleep now means I’ll miss
      Eating the world’s largest apple pie!

      It’s not that I’m not listening to you
      It’s just that, hold on!
      Nursery rhyme village just called -
      Humpty Dumpty is gone!

      I’m afraid I must go at once
      The village is counting on me
      I must go quickly
      The back of my eyelids I’m starting to see

      For it’s not that I can’t sleep
      It’s just that, I’m not tired yet
      Probably one more tuck, kiss and hug
      Then I’ll be all set

      Thanks for the fun Lori!


    14. Abigail, it's amazing how five words can say so much - well done!

      Leslie - what a fun, bedtime rhyme!

      You've each earned three entries!

      Thanks so much for playing!

    15. Lori - Can I get three entries too? (You said you put me in for two, but I did the comment, poem, and link from my blog, so that's 3 right?) Thanks!! Evonne from Empty Fridge

    16. I'm sorry, Evonne! I just put in your third entry!

    17. Thanks so much! Also...I think Sally (who posted after me) also should get 3 entries.....

    18. Wow,good thing doing a critique doesn't involve math! Don't worry, I rhyme better than I add!

      Sally - I gave you another entry. If you win, you'll have to thank Evonne!

    19. An agent asked to see my work
      I'll send it soon, I shall not shirk

      And though I know it's quite a crime
      I plan to sub a book in rhyme

      My little tale must have its way
      Will your critique help save the day?

    20. Really cute poem, Bernell! I put two entries in for you :-)

    21. I'd love for you to take a peak.
      My story surely needs critique!

      It's not easy to write in rhyme.
      I should practice all the time.

      I need some help it's plain to see.
      You're the expert. Me? Trainee.

    22. M - you earned yourself two entries - cute poem!!