Wednesday, May 12, 2010

National Limerick Day

Did you know today is National Limerick Day?  I didn't know until this morning, but I'm going to put it on my calendar for next year.  In honor of NLD, I wrote a little limerick.  I'd love if you'd write one too and post it in your comment :-)

There once was a picture book writer,
Who’d edit to make her work tighter,
She polished each line,
To make every word shine,
A contract would surely delight her.


  1. Lori,
    Here's one for ya!

    What my calendar failed to suggest
    Was that old Edward Lear was the best.
    At developing rhyme,
    He was great every time,
    Which is difficult, I can attest.


  2. There once was a writer who loved
    a limerick from the author above.
    Thanks for the time
    to share your new rhyme.
    It's worthy of an agent's white glove.

    hugs~ cat

  3. Jody & Cat - cute limericks - thanks for posting them!

    True to my poem, I read it again and realized the 3rd and 4th lines weren't good enough so I rewrote them and I think they're better. I never seem to be done editing :-)

  4. Oh, these are cute! I'm coming up blank after a long day at work. If I think of a limerick, I'll come back & post it (not holding my breath, though!)

  5. Ruth, it's amazing how much our day jobs take out of us, isn't it? If you think of something after today, post it anyway - I'd love to read it :-)

  6. Okay, here's my limerick (entitled
    "How to Be An Aspiring Author")

    You send out a new batch of queries,
    ‘Cause your story’s as gripping as Harry’s.
    Then you patiently wait,
    Though it's not your best trait--
    You’ll get through it with some Ben & Jerry’s.

  7. Good one, Ruth - thanks for posting!

  8. I'm nothing if I don't even try
    to smile and kiss worries goodbye.
    Life is so short,
    I'm her to report
    Time really likes to fly.


  9. Thanks for posting, Leslie, it's cute!