Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

My son, Sean, graduated from Western Illinois University yesterday!  He got a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  I know he's going to be a phenomenal teacher!

Congratulations, Sean!  I'm so proud!!


  1. Congratulations to your son, Sean! You must be so proud. I love the picture of you both, it's a great photo!

  2. Thanks, Blee! I am very proud of him :-)

  3. What a wonderful and special picture of you two together!
    Congrats to your son and to you! Glad to hear he is continuing the education tradition in your family!

  4. Thanks, Kelly! I'm so glad he's going to be teaching too!

  5. I'm so envious because your mother-son graduation photo looks a lot more Hallmark-y than ours does! It was 45º and windy last Sunday when my son graduated from college--outdoors.

    99% of the moms came dressed for the occasion: parkas, long pants (mine were, um, flannel-lined!) and extremely sensible shoes!

  6. Thanks, Shirley!

    Anne - I wore a really pretty, sleeveless shirt (it was supposed to be almost 70). I left the house at 6 am. and it was cold so I grabbed an old sweater (just for the car ride) I was sure it would be warm enough not to wear it later. Well, it wasn't and I forgot to take it off for the pictures :-(

    Everyone's looking at the graduate in the pictures anyway - right?

    Where did your son attend college?

  7. Lori,

    That's a beautiful pic. You must be proud that he's following (kind of) in your footsteps.


  8. Thanks, Cat! I am very proud of his career choice - now if he could only find a job!